Sunday, August 30, 2009

Acupuncture Health Insurance in New York. Unlimited yearly visits

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Acupuncture can treat many, many ailments. World Health Organization recommends Acupuncture for about 50 medical conditions. Chinese Medicine provides great support to individuals health. In my practice at Tree of Life Acupuncture in New York, we focus on three major issues: Pain Management, Infertility and Immune System. (through addition of Herbs and Homeopathy many other hard to treat conditions can successfully be treated).

After a recent trip to the emergency room with my incarcerated hernia, I ended up with a total bill of about $1,500. ( I was really outraged after seeing an additional %9.5 tax charged to the total of my bill. Its a "health care reform tax" I was told. Reform my @#!) The Dr. did a good job and after 60 min waiting room wait and 40 min on the hospital table, I was good to go home.

That made me think how lucky Acupuncture patients, and I myself are, to get a few treatments and potentially avoid emergency room visits. (Does not work for hernia, only hernia pain but worked for me for Gall Bladder pains and Heart Palpitation etc.) I heard few people complain about their conditions and I thought, I can treat that, I can help this.

Investment in your Health, is the best investment you will ever make. (Positive thinking, Proper Diet and Proper Exercises and Proper Preventive Care (Acupuncture, Yoga etc).

So I decided to create unlimited yearly Acupuncture visits program:

$550 (Homeopathy Only, can be done over the phone)
$1,800 (Acupuncture Only).
$2,500 (Acupuncture & Herbs)
$3,000 (Acupuncture& Herbs & Homeopathy all inclusive)

* All unlimited, all for 12 months and can be refunded at regular rates if unused.

I would assume, that people who would receive Acupuncture treatments regularly would possibly be able to avoid emergency room visits. They could prevent conditions such as chronic pain, high blood pressure, multiple digestive problems, reduce stress, sleep better and possibly avoid degenerative serious illnesses. May be even avoid some cancers with proper life style diet and exercise that we provide on our website and through office visit consultations.

My emergency room visit was only under $2,000 but it can run $100,000 and more.

If you can avoid a major or even minor surgery, you could save a bundle not to mention health benefits and years of health added to your life. If anyone of us could avoid an emergency room visit, it could pay for itself. Life is about energy and getting by is not enough. Don't we all want extra energy to burn, so we can take that special trip, or go to the Gym or Jog or do something special. The more energy a person has the better the quality of life. It is all about energy. And that is what I personally pursue (not always perfectly) in my daily activities.

*** Read Disclaimer, consult your MD regarding your medical condition.

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As always, stay well, take care of your health and well being.

Mark Moshchinsky, L.Ac.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Acupuncture and Summer Weight Loss

Tree of Life Acupuncture in New York
Infertility, Pain and Immune System.

Acupuncture Weight Loss for Summer

32 Union Square East #804, New York, NY 10003


According to Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Summer time is associated with the organ of the Heart and Small Intestine (Yin & Yang). The color for the Summer is RED.

The foods to eat are red colored: Tomatoes, Red Peppers, Lots of Water Melon.
Heart houses the Spirit. What it means it is responsible for tranquility of the Mind. So take it easy eat lots of Watermelon, it cools your system off.

How and what to eat for the Summer and Lose Weight ?

It is kind of simple. Because of the heat, eat much less meats and heavy foods. (meat is warm, your body is already hot in the Summer). So water melon cools the body and fills the stomach, so you feel less hungry. Fruits are also cool and they contain a lot of minerals and vitamins and fill you up as well. So by fooling your mind that you are full, you are not hungry and will lose weight.

You can eat different nuts as well. They are a good source of protein will fill you up for longer periods of time, have oils that can stimulate bowl movement and can be a great substitute for heavy foods like meats and poultry.

Exercising still helps, but choose either mornings or evenings so there is less heat and therefore stress on your system. Say 7-11am and/or 6-9pm.

Bulkiest meal should be before 11am and as you get closer to the evening you should be eating less amounts as you will not be able to burn food eaten in the evening. Ideally you should have no food at least 3 hours before sleep. It prepares your body for deep rest, slows down the system for deeper sleep.

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