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Acupuncture Summer Newsletter. Weight Loss and Exercises

HEART and Acupuncture in the Summer.
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Summer Time  traditionally in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine is associated with the Heart and Small Intestine. The color for the Summer is RED.
Heart opens into the tongue.
Here are some of the functions of the Heart according to Chinese Medicine: 

Governs Blood
Transforms Food energy into Blood and  circulates  blood in organs like Liver, Spleen, Lungs.

Just as in western medicine, if the functioning of the Heart is poor, supply of blood to the tissues is deficient  – which can cause cold extremities.

The human constitution is said to be determined by the Kidneys with which the Heart has a close relationship.  If the Heart is strong and the supply of blood in the body is plentiful, the person will be strong. Person's constitutional weakness is quite often manifested in the midline of the tongue as a crack. (don't panic)

Controlling blood vessels 

The vessels depend on the health of the Heart Energy/Qi  and blood to maintain a strong, regular, and full pulse. If the Heart is weak the pulse may be weak and irregular, resulting in heart palpitations. (Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs do a good job for this condition) 

The Heart in Chinese Medicine stores the Spirit. (Your mental State). It can also affect your sleep. If the mind is restless, it will be "wandering" and disturbing the deep sleep that your body needs. Some people may experience heart palpitations or frontal or lateral headaches.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs may help bring the body to balance or act as prevention and seasonal assimilation for your system.  It's smart to get a few Acupuncture TX seasonally. If you think, you can not improve your health, think again. Prevention is the key to longevity.

Health of the Heart and  blood directly affect the functions of mental activities (including emotions), consciousness, memory, thinking, and sleep.    This also shows that development of intelligence is affected by the state of the Heart health in Chinese Medicine.  If heart blood is deficient and is unable to root or anchor the mind (Shen), it will manifest as restlessness, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and other emotional problems.  Conversely, these problems with the Heart can cause Heart blood deficiency which in turn causes palpitations, pale complexion, and weak and/or irregular pulses.

If the Heart is in excess a person may show signs of manic depression. The emotion associated with the Heart is Joy.  Too much joy can also damage the mind. It's all about moderation.

Heart Shows in the facial complexion  
If the face is pale, it means the energy of the  heart is weak. The person may experience fatigue or weakness. If the face is red, it's to much heat or access energy in the heart and the person may experience stress and high blood pressure.

Heart Opens onto the tongue
Looking at the patient's tongue is one of the ways an Acupuncturist or an Herbalist diagnoses the patient's condition.

Heart is related specifically to the tip of the tongue, but it also influences the color, form and appearance of it.   Therefore disease of the Heart can be easily recognized on the tongue.  If there is heat the tongue will be red possibly dry with a redder tip.  If the heat is severe ulcers can show on the tongue, they will be painful.  If the Heart is weak and blood is deficient the tongue will be pale and thin.

Speech is also directly affected by the Heart (i.e. stutters, aphasia).  If the Heart is in excess there may also be excessive/inappropriate laughter, states of over-joy, and non-stop talking.    

If the Heart is healthy, the facial complexion shows a rosy lustrous glow.  If the Heart weak,  the face will show a pale or bright white.  If the blood is stagnated the face will show a purplish/blue, and if the Heart has heat the complexion will get red. Heart imbalance can cause sweating either during the day or night.

FOODS in the Summer:   The foods to eat are red colored: Tomatoes, Red Peppers, Lots of Water Melon, Fruits and Vegetables and a lot less Meats and Chicken.
Replace meats with beans, rice and other lighter foods and if you crave meat or chicken, just reduce the size of it and increase vegetables on your plate.

Watermelon, is RED so it's good for the Heart and because it has cooling properties, its specially good for the Summer.  Also watermelon cools the body and fills the stomach, so you feel less hungry and may loose weight.

Summer is the easiest time to  Lose Weight ?
Because of the heat you crave food less. Eat much less meats and heavy foods. (meat is warm, your body is already hot in the Summer).  Fruits are also cool and they contain a lot of minerals and vitamins and fill you up as well.  So by fooling your mind that you are full, you are not hungry and will lose weight easier.  (There are Acupuncture points that can improve metabolism).

You can eat different nuts as well. They are a good source of protein will fill you up for longer periods of time, have oils that can stimulate bowel movement and can be a great substitute for heavy foods like meats and poultry.


 Exercise less on Hot Summer days ! Your Heart works harder due to heat and moisture.  Best time to exercise out doors in the Summer is before 11:30am and after 4pm. It's less humid and hot. So the system is under less stress.   When I see joggers on NYC sidewalks at 2-3pm, I wonder "What are they thinking ?". Also it's best time to be on the beach  at above hours . Other times the Sun drains you and wipes you out. Seasons change and so should your habits.

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