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Immune System - Acupuncture Yoga and Herbs

Building your Immune System with Acupuncture and Chinese herbs
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Fall in New York brings drastic and volatile weather changes. Our bodies and immune system often subjected to colds and flues at this season. So here below, are a few steps to prepare yourself for seasonal changes and strengthen the immune system.  

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There are certain Acupuncture points that stimulate your immune system. Acupuncture can adjust your energy to prepare the body for a particular season, especially the one like Fall, with constant change of temperature.
Acupuncture also reduces stress and optimizes your body's defenses.      

Best thing you can do is not to expose your body to the wind and extreme weather changes during Fall / Winter seasons.
If you dress appropriately for the weather, you are less likely to  get a cold. So scarf, hat and appropriate shoes for the season will all do.   

As it gets colder as its now, you need to cut down on cold (energy) foods like salads and eat warmer energetic foods like chicken, hot soups etc. Cook with ginger (or scallions or garlic). Drop a few walnut in that oatmeal of yours Garlic has antibacterial properties and things blood. One way to consume garlic is to boil it in water and some other teas (Mint etc.) and there you go, natural boost to the circulatory, cardiac and immune system booster.
Chinese Herbs
There is a number of Herbs that can be used to strengthen your immune system. However, I would strongly discourage self medication as Chinese Herbs are very strong and can turn against you. Its best to come to a Chinese Medicine Practitioner. (Cooking or eating Garlic, Ginger, Scallions/Onions is OK in moderation). Spicy herbs can make you sweat and sweating in initial stages can "push" the cold out of your body. They can also act as antibacterial substances and promote circulation and reduce fatigue and and inflammation.

Be Well