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Acupuncture for Shingles, Herpes. Tree of Life Acupuncture NYC

Acupuncture for Shingles Pain and Neuralgia  

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Shingles is an acute infection caused by the  herpes zoster virus, the same virus found in chickenpox. Researches believe that Shingles are most common after the age of 50 (at our clinic we often see younger patients with this condition. About 1 million Americans suffer with shingles and it is estimated that up to 20% of American population will suffer with shingles. And up to 50% of adults will have shingles in this Country by the time they reach the age of 80.
Shingles is a very painful condition that manifests in inflammation of the nerves. The virus can remain dormant for many years after the chickenpox diagnosis. In many cases the symptoms of shingles involve: numbness, itching and lots of pain. It can also manifest as a bunch of little blisters on a side of the body.  
The pain can last from weeks to months. After the rash goes away the condition is known as post herpetic neuralgia.  If anyone ever had chickenpox, then that person has varicella-zoster virus in their system. So anyone who ever has chickenpox, may have shingles at some point.   Treatment includes antiviral medication and pain medication. Often the pain feels like tingling and/or shooting pains. People suffering from shingles often suffer from insomnia and stress.

Acupuncture treats shingles by reducing the pain and inflammation. Properly administered acupuncture treatments often reduce and/or eliminate tingling and symptoms or neuralgia and pain and since acupuncture is natural therapy, there is no side effects and the whole body and the system gets better by diminishing the pain and building the immune system.
 The shingles symptoms appear when your immune system weakens, either in the older years or due to stress or other illness that may weaken the body' defences. Acupuncture can reduce the inflammation and pain by promoting circulation of energy in the effected area, strengthening the immune system and reducing stress. 
Chinese Herbs can also be very helpful treating this condition by cooling the body, improving and strengthening the immune system and reducing stress. Chinese Herbs offer a convenience of administering the medicines 2-3 times a day by the patient by offering consistency and can also be used in a timely manner on demand.
Homeopathic Medicine can offer convenience of having non toxic save medicines next to you, which can be used in a timely manner on demand (if or when previously prescribed by the practitioner). The medicines can mimic the opposite action of the shingles and offer a comfortable relief.

Acupuncture is a very effective tool in combatting shingles pain or any pain for that matter. Results vary depending on person's energy levels, constitution and genetics.

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