Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swine Flu and
What you can do to prepare for this type of Flu or any Flu. (And there will be many others).

Please read disclaimer link below. This article is presented for information purposes only and not intended to diagnose, cure or substitute MD services !

The following can be done, to boost your immune system:

And it is all about your immune system. The stronger you are the greater are your chances of either not getting Swine Flu or any Flu or if one get the Flu, one with best immune system is more likely to survive with less damage and faster recover. (Always consult your MD regarding any medications or any medical condition you may have)

1. Get Homeopathic Flu Medicine for your medicine cabinet (either Boiron "Oscillococcinum (over the counter, either drug store or health food store (Vitamin Shoppe", etc) or Hyland's "Completer Flu Care" (this one covers lots of Flu Symptoms )

***(Homeopathy is extremely safe, even with Meds, no side effects. I use it all the time).

2. Do Yoga Breathing and Yoga (Tai Chi) postures. Reduces stress, helps immune system, etc.

3. Chinese Herbs can reduce side effects of Flu (Fever aches etc.) ask your Acupuncturist to prepare one for you.

4. Regular Acupuncture Tx. (Will not get rid of the Flu, but may reduce its symptoms and if done in advance will build up the Chi or Immune System).

*** Of course washing your hands and everything Red Cross or WHO says is good.

This is just another side of the coin. As a health care professional and a patient of my own medicine, I say it works for me and many others. Each on of us is different and some approaches descried here may not work for everyone. But there is little to none to lose, and lots to gain.

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This video is best for Detox. According to Yogis it expels mucous and stimulates the bowl movement.

YOUR BODY IS YOUR TEMPLE. Your Mind is the Door to you temple !

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