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Acupuncture and Liver in the Spring

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Liver is the source of all evil in humans, some philosophers say. Anger and alcohol damage the liver and can negatively affect the Heart, Stomach, Spleen and many other internal organs and body functions including reproductive and mental states causing insomnia, stress and blood pressure and many other disorders.  

Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and certain foods and behavior can help restore the liver to proper functioning which we will discuss below. 

Spring season in acupuncture and Chinese Medicine belongs to the Liver and Gallbladder. Many New Yorkers suffer from allergies this season which is partially related to the liver (yin organ) and  its relationship related (yang organ) to large intestine. 
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Common allergic symptoms include: running nose, itchy watery eyes, sinus pain, headaches and more.
Liver opens into the eye and any eye disorders could involve the liver along with other organs responsible for vision.  
We often can see anger, love or peace in people's eyes because eyes are close to the brain and if liver can affect the eyes, it can for sure affect our mental states negatively or positively. (I plan to write a special blog just on the eye and its effects on our mental and emotional behavior).

Large intestine organ which has a relationship with the liver, controls the nose and is often affected in the Spring and there you have it, eyes and nose symptoms in the Spring (sometimes Fall as well).

Liver also stores blood and spreads energy in the body. Liver is very sensitive to emotional stress. Too much Liver energy ("Liver FIre" Traditional Chinese Medicine Term) could lead to depression and excessive anger, headaches (mostly temples or top of head) and reproductive problems such as PMS, ovarian pain in women, testicular pain in men including pelvic pain and high blood pressure and even heart problems. Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs and Homeopathy can help correct liver function and enhance its regeneration, especially in the Spring time. Liver organ can regenerate itself.

Eating green and sour foods may help regulate the liver and gallbladder functions. Squeezing lemon in a glass of water before meals can help digestion and sour taste is associated with the liver. I personally eat a lot of avocados.

Being in the nature is great for the liver as well as GREEN is the color for the liver and our eyes absorb green rays from nature and benefit the liver and nervous system.
spring salad
This salad is perfect for the Spring. Easy to make, light yet filling and good for your digestive system. If you want to shed those pounds, eat it as a meal substitute for dinner or breakfast is not bad either. Ingredients: Avocados 1, Tomatoes 1-2, Soaked overnight nuts of your choice (e.g. Brazilian, hazel, walnuts, etc.),  a bit of white onions, cilantro to enhance the taste, sesame seeds and I like a few slices of Chinese radish. Add olive oil and I like Bragg's amino acids. Avocados have beneficial effects on the liver, eyes, skin and the brain.

Emotion for the liver is Anger. If you find yourself angrier or more irritable than usual, that is the sign of liver imbalance and acupuncture can help relax and balance the energy in your body. Too much alcohol damages the liver, so drink in moderation.  

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Stay well,
Mark Moshchinsky, L.Ac