Monday, December 21, 2009

Stress, Sensory Overload Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

Stress, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.
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In Today's World we are bombarded with the information 24/7.
The TV, Internet, Smart Phones, Texting etc. The constant stream of information overloads all of our sensory systems, namely:
the Auditory System - the ears ), Visual system the eyes and the Brain which effects everything, literally. 

In Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine every sensory organ is associated with an internal organ. Kidneys control the Ears and Brain with Bone Marrow, Liver opens into the eyes, the Lungs open into the Nose, the Heart opens into the tongue.

Technology's great, however we also must protect ourselves from the hazards of ever dominating technological advances on our mental faculty. The smart phones pose the biggest threat as they allow us 24/7 messaging capabilities and web surfing on the go. 

Some people check their e-mails as soon, as they open their eyes and it may be the last thing a person will do before going to bed.
How many of us see a "zombie-looking" person texting and walking at the same time on the side walks of New York ?

Often, I find myself listening to the TV and  surfing the web at the same time.  Brain consumes most energy when its overloaded.  And when its in a "hibernating mode" we conserve the most energy.  Just like a computer, no different.  Just like a wireless laptop needs a battery recharge so do we. So how do humans recharge ?  By simply tuning out.     
If you set aside 10-15 min at a time, or just unload your mind and either stare far away or close your eyes and listen to a relaxing music, you're already doing it and have a system. Now, how about doing it everyday at a certain time of the day ?  Taking Yoga classes, or doing deep breathing will do as well.  Exercising, walking or meditating will all work.  The key is doing it on regular basis and preferably at the same time.  If you do that, you have a stress management system. Just like a vacuum cleaner sucks up the dirt and dust, so does our brain. Some times we need to change that " filter ".  The brain is bombarded by non stop information: the news, noises, negative remarks (work, social situations, TV, advertising and commercials).  

What if you can not  unwind on your own ?  Well eventually it may spill into insomnia, stress, anger, irritability and a host of other unpleasant events.  Acupuncture may offer a solution, providing a more powerful relaxation.  I often, in my practice use scalp acupuncture (insertion of needles on the head) that deeply relaxes a person and induces often a meditation like trance.  Today for instance, I had 2 people who I "could not wake up" after an Acupuncture session. I had the time, so I left them to sleep longer.  

The most common indicator of mental fatigue would be sleepiness (other reasons may be at work), irritability, inability to concentrate and constant thinking and inability to let go of annoying events.

Most people think they are very healthy if they have no pain, however inability to fall asleep under 15 min or being tired upon waking up may be a subtle indications of a biological and physiological imbalance much more dangerous than just a shoulder or neck pain.

Best thing to do is do something everyday for your mental, emotional and physical health, even if its a little bit. It will be the best investment you will ever make in your body mind, spirit and wallet $ !

HEALTH is the most valuable asset you will ever have! 
Just remember when you were sick last time.


Stay balanced and stay well,  

Mark Moshchinsky, L.Ac
Tree of Life Acupuncture, NYC