Saturday, June 27, 2015

Celebrating Yourself !

recipe below cooks in 5 min

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Nothing says I CARE 
like a home cooked meal 

recipe below cooks in 5 min
One of many ways to get comfortable and feel good is to cook for yourself. In Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine spleen and stomach are the major organs for food absorption and promotion or postnatal energy. Proper food and nutrition will nourish your body and organs. 
INGREDIENTS: Cod fish, seasoned in olive oil, garlic, pepper, salt, parsley and oregano, pen fried

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I found that having your fridge full with your favorite foods and having a good (possibly prepared from a scratch ) meal is one of few ways to honor oneself and make yourself feel important. 

  Its absolutely worth it to cook a good meal with good wine and eat it by yourself or with a few close friends.

This quick 5 minute meal I cooked for myself. Tomatoes were from the local market and absolutely the best I ever had in my entire life.

Stay well,

Mark Moshchinsky, L.Ac