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Summer of Chinese Cupping Games

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Chinese Cupping Therapy was on display at the Olympic games by all types of athletes, gymnasts, swimmers and the most decorated athlete and olympian of all times, Michael Phelps. 

Thanks to Michael the media went on a wild coverage of the mystery of cupping marks by the top athlete and brought awareness of cupping therapy and Chinese Medicine as well as acupuncture to the masses, like never before.  Thank you, Michael Phelps !

What is Chinese Cupping ?
Cupping is part of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and has been practiced for centuries not only by the Chinese by Egyptians and many other cultures.

I remember being a kid in the Ukraine sick with pneumonia and an MD put on fire cupping on my back to help me feel better. In our NYC office in Manhattan at Tree of Life Acupuncture clinic, we like many other acupuncturists do fire and suction cupping.

cupping in NYC

Fire cupping is done with lighting up a fire like you see in the video to produce a vacuum and suction cupping is done with a pump. Cupping can be done on the face with no bruises  cups can be moved around on the back or other areas, called sliding method to promote more circulation. 

What are those dark circles or bruises ? Well, those are broken capillaries or toxins released to the surface to free up the flow of blood and energy Qi, reduce the pain and spastic muscles.

On the left a reported fro Inside Edition getting cupping therapy to experience it for herself.

Cupping is relaxing just like a massage and those cups stretch your stress and tension away.

These are cupping marks done after the suction cups are removed from the body, no big deal. The marks actually help the immune system activation.
cupping marks

Cupping is usually done for 15-30 min and is a good adjunct to acupuncture or stand alone therapy for those needle shy. Cupping is the reverse of massage suction cups pull the skin and tissue out and massage pushes the tissue in. Both work but work differently. 

Thinks of cupping  as Yoga for your skin :)

Be well,
Mark Moshchinsky, L.Ac (NCCAOM)
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