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Acupuncture Help for Allergies and Liver Detox NYC.

Acupuncture for Allergies - Spring News Letter

Acupuncture for Chinese New Year.    
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SPRING season often triggers seasonal allergies with symptoms ranging from: watery eyes, headaches, to sneezing and running nose.  Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine refer Sprig time with the functions of the Liver.  Liver removes toxins and stores blood. This organ opens into the eyes and has to do with quality of the nails.  It also is very important for Fertility as it heavily responsible for Menstrual Cycle. 

Any PMS pain is mostly due to blockage of the Liver. Liver energy moves through the lower abdomen.  Often pain in the ovaries, lower abdomen and testicular pain in men is due to Liver energy blockage.

Depression and mood swings can also be greatly due to the Liver imbalance.  
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The Good news is that Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs and Homeopathy do a very good job at balancing the Liver and promoting health and vitality.  Liver has an ability to regenerate itself and Spring time is the best time. Alcohol and anger damage the Liver as so do drugs (prescription or recreational).
Squeezed lemon water 30 min before
meal helps detox the liver

Color associated with the Liver is Green. Green Peppers, Avocado is  So green leafy vegetables are good food for the Liver. Taste of the Liver is sour, so squeezing lime or lemon juice into your tea or water before or after meals will act as a natural cleanser and Liver Detox. 

Self Help:
Yogic breathing to facilitate the Liver function and Detox.
Also a HEPA  filter air purifier left on over night may offer help from allergies as well as neti pot . If you like the video, please rate it and leave a comment. Thanks.  

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