Thursday, November 30, 2017

Minimalistic Nature of Acupuncture and Life. Less is More

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I’m a minimalist by nature, so less is more. A lot more.

I use few acupuncture needles per treatment In my acupuncture practice on Union Square in NYC.

Master Tung’s acupuncture is the style of acupuncture I practice is well known for few strategically placed needles for maximum energetic healing effect.

When my acupuncture patients ask me why I use a few needles for their medical condition, I always answer that few tasks with lots of resources are better accomplished than many tasks with few resources.

Why spread your energy/Qi in so many places rather than just target most intention in a few most important areas of interest?

I try a few words to explain the situation and cook with minimal time and same is for working out.

I was riding an elevator in my building and saw my neighbor pull out about 20-30 keys. I thought how funny it is, I used to have about 8 and recently got rid of most of them and now have only 3 left.

The woman seemed not to be able to find her apartment keys. I said: “that’s a lot of keys there” she agreed and I thought of throwing more stuff out of my closets to simplify my life.
Most successful people focus all their attention on singular thought or task or goal or object. Just like mediators.

When Michael Angelo was asked how he created the statue of David, he replied that he chipped away everything that was NOT David.

Uncluttering your Life in physical, emotional and mental ways is always a good thing. Don't you agree?

Be well,
Mark Moshchinsky, L.Ac. (NCCAOM)
Licensed Acupuncturist in NYC and found of Tree of Life Acupuncture Clinic in New York.

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