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Acupuncture, Winter Time and your Health.

Acupuncture your Body, Food and Winter.

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Winter Time according to Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Philosophy.

According to Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine philosophy Winter is associated with the Kidneys.  Kidneys are a major source of Yin  and Yang in our bodies. Positive and Negative energy, male and female, hot and cold, etc.

Kidneys are responsible for water metabolism and associated with the element of WATER.  The taste for kidneys is SALTY. ( Some say too much or too little salt consumption is associated with the Kidney imbalance.) Color for the Kidneys is BLACK.   Dark circles under the eyes, as well as an unusually dark facial color may also indicate kidney energy depletion. 

Kidneys is a Yin organ and has a close relationship with the Urinary Bladder, it's Yang  paired organ. Kidneys have a close relationship with the Heart and the Lungs.  Kidneys are responsible for reproduction, fertility and virility.  Kidneys store essence (DNA sort of speak in Western terms).

Kidneys also control the lower back and the knees, so often lack of Kidney  energy may be responsible for back pain or weakness in the lower back  and the knees.

In the Winter time it is important to eat warmer foods to maintain body heat.  Hot or warm teas (hint of Ginger) would be preferable, especially before or after meals.  (Moderate use of coffee is OK).   As warm drinks and foods make it easier to digest meals by warming up the Spleen/Stomach energy. Hot cereals with nuts, especially walnuts (as they can nourish the kidneys) may be a good idea.  Warm oatmeal or porridge would be a good source of breakfast.  Eating less cold foods like salads is a good idea especially for people who chill easily and prone to diarrhea and have weak digestion in general.

Dressing warm and according to the Winter is of great importance as cold can greatly affect our health and kidneys energy.  When the body is cold it has to generate more heat to keep the body warm and that burns more "fuel".  Also I see lots of my clients coming in to my acupuncture clinic wearing summer of spring shoes on cold days.
Wear a scarf around your neck and a hat on cold days to prevent unnecessary colds and headaches.   

It's kind of Winter time in New York City. Kind of because as you all know we go from Winter to Sprig weather from day to day. 
That is why it's so easy to catch colds and sore throats at times of extreme weather changes.

You may take more time to warm up in the Winter time to prevent injuries. If it's really cold outdoors you may want to exercise indoors to stay warm.  If you do Yoga it's great to do some "breath of fire" breathing. 

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