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Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and Red Snapper

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Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine advocate food as the first line of defense for illnesses and for health maintenance, and so do I in my NYC acupuncture practice.

Red Snapper in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
We got to eat anyway, so we may as well eat for energy, health and the well-being! One of the things that attracted me to acupuncture was creativity.

Almost no two acupuncture treatments would be identical as about 2,000 acupuncture points on the body, ear acupuncture and scalp acupuncture will never look the same in any acupuncturist's clinic.

Same is true for healthy cooking with a purpose. It is creative and nourishing to your Yin/ Yang internal organs, Qi - energy, and longevity as I often mention to my acupuncture clients in NYC.

In the picture above is a red snapper dish from a NYC restaurant about to enter my heart and lung acupuncture meridians.

Red Snapper Health Benefits:
Red snapper enters the heart and lung acupuncture meridian and benefits your health. An adult human needs 4,700 milligrams of potassium on a daily. Intake of adequate potassium helps to reduce high blood pressure and heart problems. It's essential for prevention of high blood pressure and strokes to consume food with proper potassium.

Individuals over 30 years old should concentrate on potassium-rich foods for prevention. Red snapper contains a lot of potassium. Red snapper also contains selenium which is also essential for the health of blood and bones and benefits rheumatoid arthritis.

Weight Loss:
Red snapper is one of the best low caloric seafood items because it's rich in protein and has several minerals that support proper growth of the white blood cells. If you have red snapper steamed or broiled instead of fried and instead of meat, you can reduce weight very faster. Red snapper is tastier than chicken!

Beautiful Skin:
Moisture and fat are essential for great looking skin. Omega 3 in red snapper is one of the best skin nutrients. Eat 100-200 grams of red snapper once or twice a week and your skin will get softner! Red snapper is one of the best fish to eat for healthy skin.

Despite the potential health benefits, red snapper may contain mercury levels that may make it unsafe for pregnant women and young children so do not eat more than a few times a month. Talk to your doctor about the potential risks and benefits.

100 grams serving of red snapper contains nearly 70 percent of the amount of selenium the USDA recommends daily for adult men and women for a 2,000 calorie diet. Selenium supports white blood cells function and is required for the thyroid gland to work properly.

Serve selenium-rich red snapper with high vitamin E foods such as asparagus, sweet potatoes or dark leafy greens like spinach, beet greens or kale and avocados.

Vitamin A:
Vitamin A is a fat-soluble nutrient and requires a source of dietary fat to be absorbed by the intestines. Serve red snapper with olive oil or topped with slices of avocados. A 3-ounce serving of cooked red snapper provides a good amount of the RDA of vitamin A. It is vital for the immune system, production, and maintenance of bones and the health of skin and eyes. Vitamin A also plays a role in cell reproduction and differentiation. Eating adequate amounts of vitamin A daily may decrease your risk of developing eye disorders like cataracts.

A diet that lacks adequate potassium levels may increase your chance of stroke, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and kidney stones. Consult your doctor about ways to decrease your sodium intake and increase your potassium level safely.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids:
Red snapper contains 0.31 grams of omega-3 fatty acids per 100 grams serving.

The American Heart Association reports that eating fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids regularly may significantly decrease your risk of heart diseases, atherosclerosis, and high blood cholesterol. Pregnant women and children should avoid eating red snapper more than a few times a month to prevent mercury contamination.

Be well,
Mark Moshchinsky, L.Ac. (NCCAOM)
Licensed Acupuncturist in NYC and found of Tree of Life Acupuncture Clinic in New York.

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