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Winter season in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture is associated with the Kidneys. 

Kidneys are very important in Chinese Medicine it is the source of Yin and Yang. (Positive/Negative, Hot/Cold)

Kidneys rule the Brain, Water Metabolism and Reproduction.
Kidneys have a special relationship with the Heart/Bladder and the Lungs. You can think of Kidneys as your batteries.(Positive + and Negative -)
According to acupuncture people with dark circles under the eyes may have Kidney imbalance. Weakness in the knees or lower extremities may also point to the kidneys.  

Kidneys also rule lower back, so if you have some symptoms that are worse in the Winter (back pain, breathing problems, blood pressure issues (high and low). Low energy levels may also be attributed to the kidneys.  As well as infertility and low libido in men or women.  If legs are swollen you can be sure that Kidney energy is involved.

Emotional element of kidneys is "Fear", so if someone is exposed to a lot of fear may experience kidney imbalance (anxiety, restlessness insomnia etc.)  Because Kidneys have a very special connection and relationship with the Heart, imbalance in one can and often affects the other. (season for the Heart is Summer)
Black Beans for Kidney Health
Black Sesame Seed

Foods Black in color are good for the Kidneys. Any beans, especially black once, black sesame seeds, walnuts etc.
Read more on foods for Kidneys

Be Well
Mark Moshchinsky, L.Ac(NCCAOM)
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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Chinese New Year of the Black Water Snake



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Winter News Letter

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Chinese New Year year of the snake
This is the year of BLACK WATER SNAKE.

The color Black in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine is associated with the Kidneys. The element for Kidneys is Water. The season for Kidneys is Winter (that is right now).  The emotion is FEAR.

Kidneys rule lower back. So this year, watch your BACK figuratively and literally, snakes byte.  If you have back problems, you may feel them more so this Winter.

This is the year to understand and learn from your fears, the year to be more flexible and learn wisdom from yourself and others about yourself. 

Snakes have venom so be prepared to come on top in difficult situations. Snakes coil and move from side to side, so be prepared for twists and turns of events.  Let go of small stuff and be wise in approaches to significant events.  Remember that sometimes it is better to lose or give in to a small dispute or event, only to prepare to win the in the final round of the big one. 

lotus seed, Chinese New Year
 The picture on your left is sweet dumplings with lotus seeds that is traditionally eaten on Chinese New Year. (Thank God not a live snake :)
 Lotus seed has medicinal value. The seed is good for the Kidneys and helps restore vital energy in the body.

Stay well and once again Happy Chinese New Year.
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