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Heart and Acupuncture and the Joy of giving & receiving.

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In Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Chinese Doctors often talk about the heart, however, it often refers to the Spirit and even generosity of giving and receiving.

heart in acupuncture and Chinese medicine
Just because your heart is open, does NOT mean anybody can just barge in. Instead, you can dish out love, compassion and random acts of kindness without expecting anything in return to everyday people in your path. 

Save deeper exchanges of love and affection for very few special deserving people in your life.

I remember one day I was walking in the rain with a few friends, everyone had an umbrella but me. We just went outside and one of my friends said how nice it was to walk in the rain. I did not have an umbrella that day. I replied, nice if you have an umbrella as raindrops were falling on face.

A minute later a young woman came up to me and said: "take it I'm almost home". She was sticking an open umbrella into my hand. I never met her, I kind of froze, first. I did not want to take her gift, but she repeated: "Take it I am a block away from home ! ". She quickly turned around and left me with her umbrella in total disbelieve and so happy at the same time.

I was ecstatic for days after that experience, I remember looking at the umbrella and thinking what would possess a total stranger in New York City to do that. 

Then I remembered a stranger who I thought was a car service driver. I told that mistaken for a car service guy that I was late to the airport. He said goodbye to his date and gave me a lift to the airport in Hawaii and did not take a dime from me and he just told me "pass on the favor".

I was totally shocked that a random stranger took me to the airport, I gave him my 2 free movie tickets, he would not take the money.

When I was walking with a hand truck on Park Avenue near my acupuncture office on Union Square in New York City, a stranger asked me if I needed help when my truck turned over. I automatically refused and when I looked up, I saw a beautiful model type like a woman standing over me. We exchange smiles and she started walking away as I was watching her walk away. I wanted to run after her saying "Yes, I need help ! " but did not for certain reasons. I still remember the experience and it makes me happy to this day.

What was common for these people is that they did something good without expecting a payback. The JOY of GIVING and the JOY of RECEIVING. These examples are of the joy of giving and receiving. 

By not expecting anything in return on your good deeds, you create unconditional love and prevent yourself from disappointments, frustration, and anger (not always easy to accomplish).

It is not an easy task to do good deeds and have an open heart in the World that wants a "piece of you", but if we find a way to do it without expectations, paybacks, and rewards, we all can perform random acts of kindness.

Often when I do my acupuncture treatments in my office on the busy Union Square area in NYC, I see stressed and burnt out people or individuals who sometimes are so closed in their own body and their World. Some people are skeptical, guarded and at times closed minded. 

On some occasions, I use acupuncture points related to the heart, mind, and spirit and at times I can see a major transformation, even after one acupuncture session, especially if the person enters a deep relaxing state of "meditative or trance-like sleep". 

They often ask what happened, they feel better or how it works. When that happens, these types of people are closer to opening themselves and their hearts to possibilities of giving and receiving and that my friends are a big part of our lives.


Please leave a comment or share your thoughts on this or have your own acts of random kindness. Thank you for reading and happy giving and receiving.

Mark Moshchinsky, L.Ac. (NCCAOM) Licensed Acupuncturist in NYC and founder of Tree of Life Acupuncture Clinic in New York.

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