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Stress, Sensory Overload Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

Stress, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.
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In Today's World we are bombarded with the information 24/7.
The TV, Internet, Smart Phones, Texting etc. The constant stream of information overloads all of our sensory systems, namely:
the Auditory System - the ears ), Visual system the eyes and the Brain which effects everything, literally. 

In Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine every sensory organ is associated with an internal organ. Kidneys control the Ears and Brain with Bone Marrow, Liver opens into the eyes, the Lungs open into the Nose, the Heart opens into the tongue.

Technology's great, however we also must protect ourselves from the hazards of ever dominating technological advances on our mental faculty. The smart phones pose the biggest threat as they allow us 24/7 messaging capabilities and web surfing on the go. 

Some people check their e-mails as soon, as they open their eyes and it may be the last thing a person will do before going to bed.
How many of us see a "zombie-looking" person texting and walking at the same time on the side walks of New York ?

Often, I find myself listening to the TV and  surfing the web at the same time.  Brain consumes most energy when its overloaded.  And when its in a "hibernating mode" we conserve the most energy.  Just like a computer, no different.  Just like a wireless laptop needs a battery recharge so do we. So how do humans recharge ?  By simply tuning out.     
If you set aside 10-15 min at a time, or just unload your mind and either stare far away or close your eyes and listen to a relaxing music, you're already doing it and have a system. Now, how about doing it everyday at a certain time of the day ?  Taking Yoga classes, or doing deep breathing will do as well.  Exercising, walking or meditating will all work.  The key is doing it on regular basis and preferably at the same time.  If you do that, you have a stress management system. Just like a vacuum cleaner sucks up the dirt and dust, so does our brain. Some times we need to change that " filter ".  The brain is bombarded by non stop information: the news, noises, negative remarks (work, social situations, TV, advertising and commercials).  

What if you can not  unwind on your own ?  Well eventually it may spill into insomnia, stress, anger, irritability and a host of other unpleasant events.  Acupuncture may offer a solution, providing a more powerful relaxation.  I often, in my practice use scalp acupuncture (insertion of needles on the head) that deeply relaxes a person and induces often a meditation like trance.  Today for instance, I had 2 people who I "could not wake up" after an Acupuncture session. I had the time, so I left them to sleep longer.  

The most common indicator of mental fatigue would be sleepiness (other reasons may be at work), irritability, inability to concentrate and constant thinking and inability to let go of annoying events.

Most people think they are very healthy if they have no pain, however inability to fall asleep under 15 min or being tired upon waking up may be a subtle indications of a biological and physiological imbalance much more dangerous than just a shoulder or neck pain.

Best thing to do is do something everyday for your mental, emotional and physical health, even if its a little bit. It will be the best investment you will ever make in your body mind, spirit and wallet $ !

HEALTH is the most valuable asset you will ever have! 
Just remember when you were sick last time.


Stay balanced and stay well,  

Mark Moshchinsky, L.Ac
Tree of Life Acupuncture, NYC

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Depression, Stress, Anxiety and Acupuncture. New York Acupuncture Clinic.

Acupuncture for Depression, Anxiety. 
Tree of Life Acupuncture 
Pain, Infertility and Immune System

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Acupuncture can effectively help people suffering with depression. 
Certain acupuncture points on the Liver Channel, Pericardium and Scalp acupuncture points can help reduce depression, anxiety and stress. Acupuncture allows and frees flow of energy and blood to the brain and helps circulate healing energy in the body.

More and more Americans report being depressed, especially in these tough economic times, times that may spell uncertainty for so many of us. The Journal of the American Medical Association published a special issue on depression showing that younger Americans experience the most depression. In 2003 Prozac was approved for the first time for children age 7 through 17.

About 50% of people who seek depression treatments in conventional forms ( psychotherapy and
prescription drugs) stop the treatment prematurely.  Of those who recover, more than one third relapse within eighteen months. Treatments like: Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Homeopathy and Yoga may fill the gap and offer a viable alternative and complimentary options for depression sufferers.

Gloomy Depression Statistics:
I recently saw an increase in depressed  and anxiety patients in my Acupuncture clinic. No wonder when you look at the statistics below.  (Please see Yogic Breathing videos for Depression and Anxiety at the bottom of this page !!!)
Depressive disorders affect approximately 18.8 million American adults or about 9.5% of the U.S. population age 18 and older in a given year.  (1)

Mental disorders are common in the United States and internationally. An estimated 26.2 percent of Americans ages 18 and older, about one in four adults, suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year.1 That is approximately  57.7 million people.  Mental disorders are the leading cause of disability in the U.S. and Canada for ages 15-44 ( National Institute of Mental Health )

The rate of increase of depression among children is an eye popping  23%.  
15% of the population of most developed countries suffers severe depression.

30% of women are depressed. Men's figures were previously thought to be half that of women, but new estimates are higher.

While major depressive disorder can develop at any age, the median age at onset is 32.5
54% of people believe depression is a personal weakness.

41% of depressed women are too embarrassed to seek help.

80% of depressed people are not currently having any treatment.

15% of depressed people will commit suicide. (1)

Depression will be the second largest killer after heart disease by 2020 -- and studies show depression is a contributory factor to fatal coronary disease.
Approximately 40 million Americans suffer form anxiety disorders. Anxiety is often accompanied by depression, but sometimes can be a stand alone symptom. Acupuncture can successfully address anxiety as well I have seen some remarkable results in some of my patients.

Depression is a debilitating brain imbalance, causing apathy and indifference. In its advanced form it changes a person's life to the point of thoughts of suicide,  inability to do daily activities and greatly effects anyone and everyone related to the suffering person. Depression rubs a person of its vitality and many other daily activities that we take for granted.

Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture view depression, most of the time as a Liver energy stagnation. As Liver is responsible for spreading the energy throughout the body. Also liver is affected directly by the emotion of anger, alcohol, drugs (prescription or recreational), pollution, emotional stresses.

It can also manifest in deficiency of the Lungs (the emotion for the Lungs is sadness). Fall is associated in Chinese Medicine with the Lungs and Large Intestine. Heart houses the spirit in Acupuncture, in addition to Western Medicine functions. So "low spirit" can effect the Heart energy.
The word "depression" implies that energy is compressed or stuck. And the word "feeling down" carries the same meaning as well, doesn't it ?

Depression, Anxiety and Natural Alternatives.
Medication may offer temporary solution and some people's situations may vary. However one should never assume that being medicated and on drugs is the answer in the long term.
*** Sports and Yoga may offers additional support by generating endorphins.
*** Being social and contacting friends and family could be useful.
*** Picking up a new hobby: Dancing, Hiking in a group setting etc.
*** Some people may not feel like getting out of the house, but efforts should be made especially on good days.

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs can facilitate the flow of energy in the body and "lift" the energy, so the sufferer feels uplifted. Acupuncture needles produce endorphins and dopamine, so the brain and the rest of the body learn to produce those hormones on its own in due time  and in larger quantities.

Acupuncture is a non verbal form of therapy. What it means is that unlike in traditional psychotherapy, no special rapport or openness need to be established for it to work. (Connection and cooperation, is of course a plus). In China the doctor just takes pulse, looks at the tongue and gives either herbs or puts needles and leaves the patient on his own.

So in  an Acupuncture clinic, the patients does not necessarily have to spill the beans and talk about difficult moments if he/she is not ready, but wants to obtain stress relief. In my practice, I often place needles on the
top of the head (scalp acupuncture). As needles on the head produce massive amounts of endorphins, making the patients a lot more relaxed. If you are my patient, you know what I mean.

The feeling of Sadness is associated in Chinese Medicine with the Lungs.  I often see stressed patients cry when I place needles into either Large Intestine point or Lung points. It's because "sadness" is often  trapped in the body as an unresolved blockage. Acupuncture moves energy by removing those blockages and crying out "the blockage" helps its removal and thus promotes circulation in the system.
Depressed person may not sleep enough or sleep too much.  The Heart in Chinese Medicine "houses the Spirit" so inability to sleep is often resolved in Acupuncture by treating the Heart or Pericardium.

Anxiety on the other hand may be caused by a Liver and Kidney energy imbalance.

Chinese Herbs, Homeopathy and Yoga Breathing and Yoga Postures can be used in addition to or separately from Acupuncture  as well.

A host of Homeopathic medicines can be useful for anxiety and depression.
Yoga and Yogic breathing can be a nice lifestyle addition. See link with videos below.
As always consult your medical doctor regarding your medications and medical condition.

Alternate Nostril Breathing. (This one BETTER for Anxiety, Stress & Insomnia). Yogis believe that practicing this breathing may lead to calmer states of mind, enhanced sleep, help with depression , and help well being. It balances left and right hemisphere of the brain. This Breathing may reduce hunger and help with appetite control. (Breaths must be comfortable, if you get dizzy stop! ). Practice 1-3 minutes, 1 to 2 times a day.

Yogic Abdominal Breathing (PranaYama) Kapalbhati. (This one is better for DEPRESSION, Fatigue, Constipation ) Designed to detox and cleans the body from mucous, toxins and helps bowl movement. May facilitate weight loss. Avoid, if pregnant, consult your MD

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1. Kessler RC, Chiu WT, Demler O, Walters EE. Prevalence, severity, and comorbidity of twelve-month DSM-IV disorders in the National Comorbidity Survey Replication (NCS-R). Archives of General Psychiatry, 2005 Jun;62(6):617-27.

2. U.S. Census Bureau Population Estimates by Demographic Characteristics. Table 2: Annual Estimates of the Population by Selected Age Groups and Sex for the United States: April 1, 2000 to July 1, 2004 (NC-EST2004-02) Source: Population Division, U.S. Census Bureau Release Date: June 9, 2005.

3. The World Health Organization. The World Health Report 2004: Changing History, Annex Table 3: Burden of disease in DALYs by cause, sex, and mortality stratum in WHO regions, estimates for 2002. Geneva: WHO, 2004.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Acupuncture Health Insurance in New York. Unlimited yearly visits

Tree of Life Acupuncture Pain, Infertility and Immune System
32 Union Square East #804, New York, NY 1003

Acupuncture can treat many, many ailments. World Health Organization recommends Acupuncture for about 50 medical conditions. Chinese Medicine provides great support to individuals health. In my practice at Tree of Life Acupuncture in New York, we focus on three major issues: Pain Management, Infertility and Immune System. (through addition of Herbs and Homeopathy many other hard to treat conditions can successfully be treated).

After a recent trip to the emergency room with my incarcerated hernia, I ended up with a total bill of about $1,500. ( I was really outraged after seeing an additional %9.5 tax charged to the total of my bill. Its a "health care reform tax" I was told. Reform my @#!) The Dr. did a good job and after 60 min waiting room wait and 40 min on the hospital table, I was good to go home.

That made me think how lucky Acupuncture patients, and I myself are, to get a few treatments and potentially avoid emergency room visits. (Does not work for hernia, only hernia pain but worked for me for Gall Bladder pains and Heart Palpitation etc.) I heard few people complain about their conditions and I thought, I can treat that, I can help this.

Investment in your Health, is the best investment you will ever make. (Positive thinking, Proper Diet and Proper Exercises and Proper Preventive Care (Acupuncture, Yoga etc).

So I decided to create unlimited yearly Acupuncture visits program:

$550 (Homeopathy Only, can be done over the phone)
$1,800 (Acupuncture Only).
$2,500 (Acupuncture & Herbs)
$3,000 (Acupuncture& Herbs & Homeopathy all inclusive)

* All unlimited, all for 12 months and can be refunded at regular rates if unused.

I would assume, that people who would receive Acupuncture treatments regularly would possibly be able to avoid emergency room visits. They could prevent conditions such as chronic pain, high blood pressure, multiple digestive problems, reduce stress, sleep better and possibly avoid degenerative serious illnesses. May be even avoid some cancers with proper life style diet and exercise that we provide on our website and through office visit consultations.

My emergency room visit was only under $2,000 but it can run $100,000 and more.

If you can avoid a major or even minor surgery, you could save a bundle not to mention health benefits and years of health added to your life. If anyone of us could avoid an emergency room visit, it could pay for itself. Life is about energy and getting by is not enough. Don't we all want extra energy to burn, so we can take that special trip, or go to the Gym or Jog or do something special. The more energy a person has the better the quality of life. It is all about energy. And that is what I personally pursue (not always perfectly) in my daily activities.

*** Read Disclaimer, consult your MD regarding your medical condition.

*Please feel free to leave a comment, or if you liked this blog, subscribe or mail to a friend.

As always, stay well, take care of your health and well being.

Mark Moshchinsky, L.Ac.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Acupuncture and Summer Weight Loss

Tree of Life Acupuncture in New York
Infertility, Pain and Immune System.

Acupuncture Weight Loss for Summer

32 Union Square East #804, New York, NY 10003


According to Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Summer time is associated with the organ of the Heart and Small Intestine (Yin & Yang). The color for the Summer is RED.

The foods to eat are red colored: Tomatoes, Red Peppers, Lots of Water Melon.
Heart houses the Spirit. What it means it is responsible for tranquility of the Mind. So take it easy eat lots of Watermelon, it cools your system off.

How and what to eat for the Summer and Lose Weight ?

It is kind of simple. Because of the heat, eat much less meats and heavy foods. (meat is warm, your body is already hot in the Summer). So water melon cools the body and fills the stomach, so you feel less hungry. Fruits are also cool and they contain a lot of minerals and vitamins and fill you up as well. So by fooling your mind that you are full, you are not hungry and will lose weight.

You can eat different nuts as well. They are a good source of protein will fill you up for longer periods of time, have oils that can stimulate bowl movement and can be a great substitute for heavy foods like meats and poultry.

Exercising still helps, but choose either mornings or evenings so there is less heat and therefore stress on your system. Say 7-11am and/or 6-9pm.

Bulkiest meal should be before 11am and as you get closer to the evening you should be eating less amounts as you will not be able to burn food eaten in the evening. Ideally you should have no food at least 3 hours before sleep. It prepares your body for deep rest, slows down the system for deeper sleep.

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Acupuncture for Cancer support and Mesothelioma.

Tree of Life Acupuncture in New York
Infertility, Pain and Immune System.
32 Union Square East #804, New York, NY 10003

Acupuncture treatments of respiratory diseases and Mesothelioma.
Everyone knows that Acupuncture can treat pains, like: sciatica, back pain or shoulder pains. But many people are not aware of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine being able to treat respiratory diseases and Cancer related symptoms.
The Benefits of Acupuncture for Cancer Patients:
Acupuncture can be used as an additional and complimentary treatment for the side effects that cancer patients experience, in post operative pains and nausea. Acupuncture has positive effects of cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation). NCI reports that clinical studies of acupuncture as a treatment for cancer show that acupuncture can reduce vomiting and nausea caused by chemotherapy. They also found that acupuncture may improve the immune system, helping cancer patients to fight their condition and its side effects.

Acupuncture through stimulation of needles balances body's energy by shifting it from accesses to dificient areas. It releases spastic mascles and induces deep relaxation inhancing good night sleep, reducing enexiety, stress and depression. The physical stimulation of the body through Acupuncture needle insertion, acupuncture stimulates the brain, the indocrine and nervous system which causes the body to release hormones, proteins and certain brain chemicals that positively affect a range of bodily functions. Acupuncture can affect blood pressure and body temperature, enhance immune system function, and prompts the body to release natural pain killers (such as endorphins and dopamines ).

Considered a natural and holistic form of treatment, acupuncture can help to treat side effects of cancers that are caused by exposure to natural, environmental forces, such as UV rays, radon or the toxic mineral asbestos. Clinical research currently suggests that a number of cancers are caused by exposure to environmental forces in those who happen to be genetically predisposed. A notable example includes skin cancer, but other lesser-known cancers, including the rare cancer mesothelioma, are also caused by exposure to environmental toxins. Asbestos exposure is one of the only causes of mesothelioma and it is even linked to ovarian and prostate cancer. Patients coping with the symptoms and side effects of these cancers have reported relief after receiving acupuncture.

Though the benefits of acupuncture are still questioned by some medical professionals, numerous cancer patients have attested to the healing effects of this age-old treatment.
Acupuncture, along with other forms of alternative medicine such as massage, Chinese herbs, Homeopathy, Meditation and Yoga, have certainly gained support from countless cancer patients, and clinical trials continue to provide scientific evidence of the benefits of this treatment.
I personally have seen benefits of Acupuncture on post-operative Cancer pains, Nausea, and Immune System in my New York baced clinic.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Pregnancy / Delayed Labor Acupuncture

Tree of Life Acupuncture in New York
Infertility, Pain and Immune System.
32 Union Square East #804, New York, NY 10003


Acupuncture during Pregnancy Delayed Labor, Nausea, Miscarriage.

Acupuncture is very save when done properly. During any stage of pregnancy.
Initial Acupuncture treatments are aimed at fertility, if the patients was diagnosed with infertility. (Usually defined by Western Medicine as trying to conceive for at least a year. Most natural conception occurs within 6 months of treatments, however I had at least a dozen of cases of conception after as little as 3 to 10 Acupuncture visits. Not a  very common occurrence however).

In the first trimester:
we use acupuncture to prevent miscarriage and reduce nausea and vomiting. There are special points that allow put body to put a stronger hold on fetus. There are also points and treatments to reduce nausea and vomiting and of course stress !

Second Trimester:
Acupuncture can regulate and prevent cases of Delayed Labor, Breach Baby and just make the whole birthing experience smoother.

Third Trimester:
Is more a preparation for delivery and addressing, if present Breach Baby, Delayed Labor and any physical discomfort like sciatica, back pain (from gaining weight etc.)

After delivery and after months of nurturing the fetus, the woman's body is under strain and it needs to regain balance and restore energy to normal levels. And that is what we do after. Some
may suffer from depression or stress and sleepless nights etc.
Unfortunately less women come at this stage, though it is equally important, but understandably explainable by the fact that the new Mom is so preoccupied with the new addition.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Acupuncture for Low Back Pain, Neck Pain / Chest Pain, NYC, New York

Tree of Life Acupuncture in New York
Acupuncture Treatments for Low Back Pain, Neck Pain


Acupuncture Needle Pricking & Chronic Pain.

Sometimes if pain is chronic and deep seated, we Acupuncturists squeeze a few drops of blood from selected acupuncture points to relieve severe pain. Sometimes your body may bleed a few drops of blood on its own and this process removes stagnation and release the back pain, neck or sciatic pains in any part of the body.  

What it does, it lets "Stagnant Blood" exit and thus a blockage is removed and new blood can flow smoother. This procedure in many cases facilitates reduction of pain, skin disorders etc.

In my practice, I mostly use it for either severe acute or chronic pains. It can also be used for headaches, low back pains, skin problems, depression, chronic digestive problems, respiratory conditions and some reproductive issues like (PMS, Ovarian Pain, Endometriosis etc). Often a few drops of blood is enough. Some times a suction cup can be put on top of bleeding acupuncture point to get more "Bad Blood" out.

Today I used needle pricking on 2 people. One for Low Back Pain and the other for severe Neck and Shoulder Pain। In addition to Acupuncture both people improved additional 30-50% right after needles pricking was done.
Another case I want to mention is one of my clients suffered from chest pains, especially on inhalations for about 3-6 months. Traditional Medical Exam did not show anything. I bled one of the fingers and the next day the patient reported 90% improvement. Encouraged by the results and great reduction in pain, I started doing it more often for chronic and long standing difficult ailments.
Conclusion: Needle Pricking is very useful and effective method for difficult and chronic ailments. Do NOT be afraid it almost does NOT hurt.
Mark M., Licensed Acupuncturist in New York.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Acupuncture Treatment / Healthy Life Style

As I was talking to my returning patient, I explained to her that breathing exercise on my website could help with detox & constipation. She said, "Oh that does not work on me !"
I asked, how long the person was doing the breathing technique for. She said: "A few seconds".
(We are NOT that busy in New York ? Are we ?)

I though she was kidding.... She was not. "You mean I have to do it for a minute?!".

The look on my face explained silliness of the question. I told her that she needed to do it at least for a few minutes and preferably for a few days, to see results.

Of course it is too much to ask for of busy professionals?!

How much is good health worth ? The sicker we are the more we are willing to get it back. The thing is it is all said here:

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of medicine".

Especially if the "medicine" can make you addicted to powerful drugs and possibly make you into a legal junkie. Look at Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Nicole Smith etc. What about all those regular Joes and Janes who get addicted to pain, sleep, antidepressant medications ?

I had once a patient who was on 7 meds. One for each aspect of person's life not working properly or each function of the body out of balance. When I addressed the problem, the person said he was fine and meds worked for him. They do work, it is just sometimes they work right into problems or reduce once quality of life in a long run.

Medications have its place and play an important role in once health, but they are not replacements for good healthy habits and social short comings or stresses.

So a healthy life style must be practiced daily. Life style is a style not a trend that vanishes.
For instance: Acupuncture treatments should be done for maintenance 1 to 2 times a month. Vacations should be taken 1 or 2 times a year and little get aways monthly. A walk in Central Park is poor man's vacation. Calling friends and laughter or a good or funny movie is medicine too.
So give yourself a gift of health by practicing Yoga, (Tai Chi, Gym, Jogging, swimming etc.) on regular basis. Fine tune your relationships, with your friends and loved once.

What you get in return is life time recession proof dividends on your healthy investments !

*** If anyone has questions, please contact me at 212-533-1192 or e-mail @

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swine Flu and
What you can do to prepare for this type of Flu or any Flu. (And there will be many others).

Please read disclaimer link below. This article is presented for information purposes only and not intended to diagnose, cure or substitute MD services !

The following can be done, to boost your immune system:

And it is all about your immune system. The stronger you are the greater are your chances of either not getting Swine Flu or any Flu or if one get the Flu, one with best immune system is more likely to survive with less damage and faster recover. (Always consult your MD regarding any medications or any medical condition you may have)

1. Get Homeopathic Flu Medicine for your medicine cabinet (either Boiron "Oscillococcinum (over the counter, either drug store or health food store (Vitamin Shoppe", etc) or Hyland's "Completer Flu Care" (this one covers lots of Flu Symptoms )

***(Homeopathy is extremely safe, even with Meds, no side effects. I use it all the time).

2. Do Yoga Breathing and Yoga (Tai Chi) postures. Reduces stress, helps immune system, etc.

3. Chinese Herbs can reduce side effects of Flu (Fever aches etc.) ask your Acupuncturist to prepare one for you.

4. Regular Acupuncture Tx. (Will not get rid of the Flu, but may reduce its symptoms and if done in advance will build up the Chi or Immune System).

*** Of course washing your hands and everything Red Cross or WHO says is good.

This is just another side of the coin. As a health care professional and a patient of my own medicine, I say it works for me and many others. Each on of us is different and some approaches descried here may not work for everyone. But there is little to none to lose, and lots to gain.

The following are Video Links:

If you have not already done so, click, watch and practice. Also rate them and subscribe to my Channel as we get more videos to improve your health and life. Soon to be launched site for health.

This video is best for Detox. According to Yogis it expels mucous and stimulates the bowl movement.

YOUR BODY IS YOUR TEMPLE. Your Mind is the Door to you temple !

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Lounch of "Body is Your Temple" site.

Hello everyone, anyone.
I am a Licensed Acupuncturist and a Certified Yoga instructor and a Certified Hypnotist.
I am in a process of creating a serious of YouTube videos to help individuals to gain better health, through simple set of breathing, Yoga postures or other simple doable modalities.

If you have an idea of what you want me to cover, which topic. Let me know.
For example, we are now in the season of Allergies, so some may ask about how to cope with it or insomnia. You get the pic.

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And here are sample videos:

Abdominal Yoga breathing (Kalabati for Detox)

Alternate Nostril Breathing (Brain Oxygenation, Calmness etc. Great Stuff)

Mark M, L.Ac

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