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Acupuncture for Numbness and Pain in NYC

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Effectiveness of Master Tung's Blood Letting Therapy in NYC

After taking acupuncture bloodletting refresher course of Master Tung's acupuncture style, I learned new valuable information.

Blood Letting Acupuncture in NYC
I changed my needle gauge to what the course presenter Dean Mouscher used and put the knew angle on Tung's acupuncture style bloodletting to work.

I used my Chinese Acupuncture of Master Tung bloodletting on a 68-year-old male with foot numbness, pain and limited range of motion. The numbness in the patine's foot was strong enough for him to drag his left foot.

I bled dark black veins on his affected left and dark blood came out as we like it in this style.
I asked the patient to move his toes and seemed that his big tow gain more range of motion but the rest of the toes looked even better.

Ear Blood letting therapy in New YorkAfter I took out all the acupuncture needles, I asked the patient to move his toes and walk around the room and tell me if there was a difference.  I there was a very pronounced difference and when he moved his toes it looked like he was playing the piano with his fingers.

"I like that blood treatment," the patient said with a smile and we both were happy with the results.
I decided to use more bloodletting therapy with difficult cases like endometriosis, chronic pains and anything related to blood stasis.

Long ago when I had a flue or whatever that was I used bloodletting with cupping on my back and gain my energy and health, but I  leave it for part 2 of my bloodletting therapy.

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