Thursday, June 16, 2011

Acupuncture and Summer. Food according to Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture and Summer Time

Chinese Medicine and Heart

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According to Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine the Summer time is related to the organ of the HEART.

The heart in Chinese Medicine houses the Spirit, which means mental faculties like: memory, calmness or anxiety can be attributed to the heart function, in addition to regular Western function of pumping blood.

Conditions like high blood pressure, memory can be attributed to the heart. The color for the heart is RED, the emotion is laughter. If someone laughs inappropriately and very frequently, that may be a sign of heart imbalance. The heart has a close relationship with the Kidneys.

Acupuncture can treat conditions like: heart palpitation, insomnia, irritability and acute and chronic stress in addition to aches and pains.

FOOD: In the summertime, it is best to eat smaller portions. Because of extra heat, the body is under more stress and smaller portions will make you less tired and less sleepy. Also, eat less meat and chicken as they have warm energetic properties and are harder to digest. Instead, eat more nuts or peanuts or walnuts, etc. Fruits and vegetables are most appropriate for the summertime, because of the large moisture content and cooling properties.

Cooling Foods: According to Chinese Medicine, watermelon is good for the Summer, because it cools the body by promoting urination. Also, the color of the watermelon is red, which is good for the heart according to acupuncture and Chinese Medicine seasonal eating. Tomatoes are also good for the Summer as they are red and nourish the Heart and contain a lot of liquid which is often lost through Summer perspiration.

EXERCISES and BEACH:  Do your workouts before 12pm or after 4pm when it is less hot and the body will better handle the workload. As far as staying on the beach during heat, the sun drains you of energy so same hours should be observed to avoid drainage of energy.

Stay cool and be well,
Mark Moshchinsky, L.Ac