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HEART Season and Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
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Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine associates HEART with the season of the Summer.

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Heart houses the Spirit and affects your mental faculties according to Chinese Medicine. 

When one cannot sleep, your spirit wanders around. Our mental states deeply affect our heart health.

Heart dominates blood, blood vessels, and facial complexion. If the face is pale then that person is more on a weak side (weak voice or deliberate slow moves) and needs a stronger blood supply to the heart. 

The Heart controls the mind and opens into the tongue. The color for the heart is Red.
Watermelon is my favorite fruit in the summer. It has cooling properties and cools the heart through the small intestine, which is the Yang organ of the (Yin) Heart organ. The color red benefits the Heart and it tastes good. It cools the body, reduces the heat and has a lot of minerals as well.

SOME of the HEART IMBALANCES: High blood pressure, Insomnia, Irritability, Chest tightness, and pain, etc. 

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs and Bioresonance Therapy (in our NYC Clinic on Union Square) can be of help to balance, prevent, treat and bring the body to health. 

FOOD for the Summer: Tomatoes, Watermelon, Cherries, Salmon and just about anything red in color would do.

Traditional Chinese Medicine tells us that mind is controlled mostly by the Heart. The process of thinking is accomplished by the Heart. Blood is the main foundation for mental activities, thus the function of heart dominates the blood and the vessels. If there is plenty of blood for the heart to pump, the mind is clear, thinking is nimble and one is full of vigor. If there is a deficiency in the blood in the body, it will lead to pathological changes of heart-mind manifested by heart palpitations, insomnia, dream disturbed by sleep, poor memory, restlessness, etc. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can treat these imbalances with success.

Food and Acupuncture in NYC

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The energy of the Heart Channel directly connects with the tongue. So physically the tongue has a close relationship with the heart. The energy (Qi) and the heart and blood all flow to the tongue. If there is a pathological change in the heart, it will be reflected in the changes of the tongue. If the tip of the tongue is red, the person has stress.

The heart has a relationship with its Yang organ, Small Intestine. It also has a connection with the Kidneys and the Liver. The element of the Heart is Fire. So if you get too much emotional stress, it could "put the wood to the fire". Too much stress can raise blood pressure, cause insomnia and other numerous discomforts. So it is good to practice relaxation arts like Yoga, Meditation, walking in the park, etc. Acupuncture can also evenly distribute body's energy and restore balance in the body and not only treat but also prevent future problems.  

Tomatoes are great for the heart and the summer. They are cooling, full of antioxidants and benefits the heart and blood. Have some today! Exercise less on Hot Summer days. Your Heart works harder due to heat and moisture. Best time to exercise outdoors in Summer is before 11:30 am and after 4 pm. It is less humid and hot. So your system is under less stress. 

When I see joggers on NYC sidewalks in the summer at 1-3 pm, I wonder "what are they thinking?". Also, it is best to be on the beach at above hours. Other times, the Sun drains you and wipes you out of your energy. Season change and so should your habits.

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Intention in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and Everyday Life

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I remember some of the old acupuncture and Chinese Medicine practitioners and books talk about intention during acupuncture treatment sessions.  

How important it was to direct the healing Qi (energy) from the acupuncture needle to the patient's problem or area of pain.

Acupuncture styles like Mr Tung's and the balance method of Dr Tan are best suited for an effective intention as both styles use few needles and in Mr Tung style a set of needles called Dao Ma, usually consisting of 3 consecutive needles is easier to concentrate your intention on.

The intention in Life on a daily basis or long term is most important, as it gives us the focus, drive and the reason to take steps to our destination and stay the course till we reach the final goal.

acupuncture and Chinese Medicine on Union Square, NYCI realized that after many years of my acupuncture practice in NYC, the intention is semi-automatic in many ways, but it is a lot better when whatever we do, we give it extra intension.  

When I was learning to dance The Tango, instructors often talked about the intention and so was the same in Yoga, Martial Arts, and Kettlebells training.

When I went for my acupuncture training, and it was mostly about absorbing the Asian Medicine material and acupuncture needling methods and point selection for best results and nobody talked about the intention on desired results. 

Recently I was doing acupuncture needling on a young female dancer with multiple pains and injuries, for some reason, I tried to mentally send the healing energy through my acupuncture needles to her injured areas of back pain, inner hip and clavicle regions.

After the patient got up from my treatment table she reported feeling much less pain in all of her complaint areas. After that experience and thinking that everything is energy including the thought process I decided to use more of a conscious intention in my acupuncture treatments and whatever I do in Life.

Use intention to get where you want to go faster !

In conclusion, I want to mention that many athletes, actors and metaphysical books and scholars of acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and Yoga as well as great philosophers and Physics always talk about the power of thoughts to materialize and energy and its properties as well as the mind being a source of targeted energy.

"Be careful what you wish for", cause it may just happen, and it does.  Swami Satchidananda said: "As you think, so you become". 

So the lesson in Life is INTENTION is important and so are the reasons behind it. Wish for things that are good for you and others.

Be well,
Mark Moshchinsky, L.Ac (NCCAOM) Licensed Acupuncturist in NYC and founder of
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