Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Tao of Valentine's Day and Relationships. Yin and Yang of the Romantic Universe.

The Tao of Relationship and Valentine's day.
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This is a special time of the year to tell someone special in your life that you remember and care this Valentine's day.
Ignore at your own risk, and you will "suffer" ! It's a chance for better half to shine and reinforce the bond.
The best way for one party to bond is to do one thing that you always don't like to do and the other party wants on this special day. This shows you really care and at least once a year do something out of your character and right along the pathway of your partner or a friend.  

The reason I think why people call their significant other "my other half" or "significant other" because consciously or subconsciously we realize that is how important the other person is to us. Regardless of how much we like them. Its mostly, because a person close to us impacts us that much on such a deep and profound level.  It's a Tango person who we can not dance through out our lives without. It's like the other shoe that either does not fit or just not that comfortable. No matter how functional or dysfunctional our relationships are the truth is if we stop blaming the other person for relationships shortcomings and express a selfless initiative, things just pick up towards balance quite a bit.

So close your eyes and relax for a minute and think of something special you can do for that someone special without looking for returns on your "investment".

As an acupuncturist in my clinic I often hear women say: "I wish my husband could come to see you". 
And sometimes men do come, either pushed by their partners or on their own.  So this Valentine's day I am offering  50% off my regular Acupuncture treatment (see the special below).   It could be anything at all that you can do by breaking your usual routine.  However if you are having stress in your life, acupuncture is one of the best ways to relax and project calmness and peace upon to another person without breaking sweat.

I in return can think of a few things I can do for my partner. As we give or do something for that significant other, we  in reality do so much GREATER for OURSELVES..  
All the best to us and may our halves be Healthy and Happy !

Mark  Moshchinsky, L.Ac. (NCCAOM)

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