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New Year's Resolution and Your Health - Tree of Life Acupuncture Pain Infertility Center.

New Year's Resolution. How to make it work ? Acupuncture and your Health
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Health is a major foundation for HAPPINESS ! It should be a part of New Year's Resolution. According to WHO (World Health Organization, Acupuncture is recommended for about 50 medical conditions. To help you better achieve your health and wellness goals, we are offering: COUPONS / GIFT CERTIFICATES

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I often see clients in my NYC Acupuncture clinic coming with New Year's resolution to either quit smoking, lose weight, reduce stress or just  balance Body, Mind Spirit. However come February most people quit ! Why ?  I think there are several reasons for majority of unfulfilled goals. (see article at the bottom how Acupuncture can help your New Year's Everyday's Resolution). 

First Reason:  New Year's Resolution should be called Daily ResolutionThe very word "New Year" implies a short term effort.  The word daily means every God damn Day ! Get it ? Long term goals are planned for a short period of time. What it means is that you need a Daily, Weekly and Monthly plan.  Emphasis is on Daily !  

Second Reason: Unrealistic or unattainable  goals are set.  Go easy on yourself. A little of improvement goes a long way.  Set easily achieved goals.  Build up self confidence  and a starting point. You can always turn on the intensity and pressure later. One step at a time ! A journey  of many miles, begins with a tiny step !

Third Reason: Repetition ,  Discipline and Specific Details !  Set the day, time of activity or concept. If its going to the Gym 2 x week, then make it, say: Tue and Fri at 7pm. If you are cutting down on sweets, then maybe you will eat half of the chocolate you normally consume or only a certain days (Sat or Sun).   

*** Also revise your plan and readjust for circumstances and interferences.  Let's say you were busy or did not make it to the Gym 2 times a day, so you then readjust a better time or day or you make up going to the Gym 3 x next week. If its food, and you ate late or ate something you are trying to avoid (too many sweets..) plan to reasonably make up the next day or week.       

How Acupuncture can help your New Year's Resolution

Weight Loss: Many people use Acupuncture for weight loss.  Acupuncture can reduce cravings for sweets and regulate metabolism. It can also rid body of access water in some cases.  Addictions (Food, Smoking, Drugs etc). Most of all Acupuncture works as prevention and body harmonizing tool Acupuncture Diet and Weight Loss Tips Link

Exercises / Pain: Acupuncture can reduce aches and pains, and strengthen the body's muscles so you can keep up with your fitness routine, pain free. If you have back pain, neck pain or any other pain, acupuncture can put you back on track faster and better. Acupuncture for Pain and Exercises Link 

Stress: If stress keeps you from good sleep and effects your energy levels, then Acupuncture may calm your mind and relax your body and lay a solid foundation for social and physical activities. Acupuncture also reduces stress and optimizes your body's defenses

Prevention: Maintaining your health and having all your systems "running smoothly" is the most important function of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. 
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of medicine ! Visit this link for simple at home Yoga help:  Quick 1-13 min Daily YOGA keep you on your toes Link

Be Well