Monday, July 6, 2009

Acupuncture Treatment / Healthy Life Style

As I was talking to my returning patient, I explained to her that breathing exercise on my website could help with detox & constipation. She said, "Oh that does not work on me !"
I asked, how long the person was doing the breathing technique for. She said: "A few seconds".
(We are NOT that busy in New York ? Are we ?)

I though she was kidding.... She was not. "You mean I have to do it for a minute?!".

The look on my face explained silliness of the question. I told her that she needed to do it at least for a few minutes and preferably for a few days, to see results.

Of course it is too much to ask for of busy professionals?!

How much is good health worth ? The sicker we are the more we are willing to get it back. The thing is it is all said here:

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of medicine".

Especially if the "medicine" can make you addicted to powerful drugs and possibly make you into a legal junkie. Look at Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Nicole Smith etc. What about all those regular Joes and Janes who get addicted to pain, sleep, antidepressant medications ?

I had once a patient who was on 7 meds. One for each aspect of person's life not working properly or each function of the body out of balance. When I addressed the problem, the person said he was fine and meds worked for him. They do work, it is just sometimes they work right into problems or reduce once quality of life in a long run.

Medications have its place and play an important role in once health, but they are not replacements for good healthy habits and social short comings or stresses.

So a healthy life style must be practiced daily. Life style is a style not a trend that vanishes.
For instance: Acupuncture treatments should be done for maintenance 1 to 2 times a month. Vacations should be taken 1 or 2 times a year and little get aways monthly. A walk in Central Park is poor man's vacation. Calling friends and laughter or a good or funny movie is medicine too.
So give yourself a gift of health by practicing Yoga, (Tai Chi, Gym, Jogging, swimming etc.) on regular basis. Fine tune your relationships, with your friends and loved once.

What you get in return is life time recession proof dividends on your healthy investments !

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