Sunday, March 1, 2015

Acupuncture Vacation and Chinese Medicine

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Each sense that humans have corresponds to internal organ in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. Sight, the Eyes to the Liver/Gall Bladder,  Smell - The Nose to the Lungs/Large Intestine, Hearing - Kidneys/Small Intestine and so on.
As "poor me" was eating breakfast in Mexico on Playa del Carmen in a local restaurant, I was thinking to myself why people take vacations and what we get out of it. Final summary will be revealed to the most patient ones at the bottom, so bear with me here as I am giving you a free vacation :).
First that came to mind intuitively was that most people remember great moments or people in still pictures, singular frames but not so much motion or multiple pictures. When we or at least I think of a loved one or a special place, I imagine a still frame of a place or a person. So I was sitting and trying to imprint the vacation environment into my mind for later recall. 

Taste has to do with Stomach/ Spleen
(Eggs and tacos in the picture ingeniously combined together.Below dessert bananas glazed in caramel and cinnamon, which I later dumped in the hot water and made it into
an herbal/medicinal tea).
While I was working on my taste memory, I later went to the beach to work on my visual memory followed by a quick swim/ exercise workout to burn the large breakfast and dinner calories last night. 
I decided to leave my hotel room and go by the pool to further extend my vacation memory moments. It was a good idea. What made it even better was that I realized instead of using my headphones listening to Ravi Shankar to tune everything and everyone out, it would be better to listen to the birds by the pool as everyone surprisingly was quiet. And so as I came to this conclusion, my senses of sight and hearing kicked in.

VACATION STRESS FREE environment helps the liver function better as anger is the emotion that damages the liver most, just watch that alcohol, cause it's the second enemy of the liver !

I have been to Playa del Carmen before and one of the things I remembered was mosquitoes :(  So upon first 2 nasty bites, I am writing to you from my hotel room. 

What really pushed me to take this (Click this link) VACATION MORE THAN ANYTHING ESLE was the death of few people. I always say: YOU CAN OUTLIVE YOUR MONEY, BUT YOU CANNOT OUTLIVE YOUR HEALTH.

CONCLUSION: Vacations are needed and serve great purposes in our mental and physical health.
1. Change of scenery distracts us from "doing business as usual mode". Gives our mind a mental positive boost.

2. It gives us a different picture and visual pleasure with healing abilities. Soothes the Liver.

3. Hearing different sounds works on the Kidneys.

4. Eating different foods with a calm mind with no worries helps digestion Spleen/ Stomach.

5. It puts us in an optimistic and renewed mood and it lifts our spirits and recharges our batteries, helps our sleep. We feel safer from disturbing bills and people we have to deal with. It could give us sleeping like a baby mindset and so it helps the Heart which stores the spirits and the Lungs because in acupuncture they have to do with sadness.  
Most of all, vacations give us that reboot button to restart, same way as you restart your computer or cell phone. It gives you a fresh start and helps you wipe out bad memories.

On that note, I am running out to work on my taste again. Hopefully I will have enough time to work out and do meditation that I missed.

In Sickness or in Health,
Mark Moshchinsky, LAc (NCCAOM)
Licensed Acupuncturist in NYC