Friday, April 22, 2016

New York City Acupuncturist Grows Organic Vegetables Upstate New York

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New York City life has its Yin and Yang.  Manhattan is exciting, fast paced, stressful, expensive convenient and many other positive and negative all in one city, that never sleeps and does not let you either sometimes.
NYC Acupuncturist
Manhattan people often complain about fast paced life in NYC and rarely leave till lately.  

My NYC, uptown acupuncture colleague referred me a patient, we used to go to the same acupuncture school way back.  So I wanted to reach out and thank him for a few patients that came from him and I treated in my acupuncture practice wich was more conveniently located for some clients in the lower part of Manhattan on Union Square.
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(It takes 4 years of college just to get into an acupuncture school and then another 4 to complete the acupuncture program.)

When I finally called Jim, he told me that he moved Upstate New York and now grows organic vegetables (he must be still practicing acupuncture as well locally).
NYC acupuncturist
He told me, he did not miss the city and rarely travels to Manhattan. 

I was kind of taken back and surprised, cause I for a long time wanted to move to Harlem, just about the only place with so many parks and air much cleaner than the rest of the city.

Jim told me he did not miss the City, he was more relaxed and stress-free.  I always remembered him well dressed in good suits and now ... a farmer ?

I also remembered my other late fellow acupuncturist who lived in Upper Manhattan and talked about growing organic herbs in Brazil.

After many unsuccessful co-ops and condo bids, I decided to stay in Brooklyn, by the ocean.  I travel about 50 minutes back and forth reading New York Times, meditating, sleeping, relaxing. 

I do get a seat on the train most of the time and feel that with the money I save on Manhattan rents, it's like getting paid $100 each way I take the trip to my Union Square acupuncture office.

Before I started working in the City, I was thinking of moving there one day, but after spending many work days at the clinic and then staying up late, I enjoy coming to Brooklyn, where I live by the beach, have an ocean view from my balcony.

I noticed that a lot of my foreign acupuncture patients love it here in America and New York telling me that they rather give up social European benefits and have more freedom of paying their own taxes out of much bigger salaries.

I noticed that those who moved to America and particularly New York are either self-employed Europeans or pursue ambitious plans to succeed. I was surprised there as well.

Do you know someone who either moved out of NYC to do something different or moved into Manhattan for the same reason ? 

Be well,
Mark Moshchinsky, L.Ac (NCCAOM)
Licensed Acupuncturist in NYC
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