Saturday, July 14, 2018

My Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Case Study

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One day I fell ill with what seemed to be like flu-like symptoms. 

As a licensed acupuncturist in NYC and a small business owner in New York's Manhattan dense population with flu outbreaks, I have always managed not to miss a day of work in my acupuncture clinic in the past.

Blood letting Acupuncture in NYC

I was so wiped out with no energy or Qi as Chinese Medicine practitioners would say, I could only go to the bathroom or lay on my couch. I was sick as a dog :(

I do have a lot of sick patients in my acupuncture clinic during the winter and flu outbreaks, but I never miss a day of work using acupuncture Chinese Herbs and Bioresonnace therapy to stay healthy.

This time it was different. I was riding trains a lot that day from Union Square, where my acupuncture practice is to Harlem and might have picked something up from coughing people on the train, It was Winter time. Time of flue and influenza.

I felt like my Lungs were filled with sand and some residue, it was difficult to breathe and even move
Acupuncture by Master Tung in New York

After not getting better for a few days, I finally went to my colleague to do bloodletting from acupuncture points BL13, and BL43. A technique used in Master Tung's acupuncture style. 
Sometimes it is called wet cupping.

Those acupuncture points are Lung related.  After just one bloodletting session, I felt a relief and had feeling things would finally get better. And they did. I had the bloodletting procedure done a few more times and my energy went to normal over a 7 day period and after bitter Chinese herbs and acupuncture my coughing stopped and flu went away.

Before that nothing helped and I missed 6 days of work. To this day after the incident, I have not missed a day of work.

Bloodletting is not often practised by many acupuncturists for many reasons, however, in special cases, it produces quick pain and symptomatic relief and even cures, unlike many other therapies.

Mark Moshchinsky, L.Ac. (NCCAOM) Licensed Acupuncturist in NYC and founder of Tree of Life Acupuncture Clinic in New York.
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