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Acupuncture Health Tips for the Summer

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Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine associate the heart, yin organ and its paired yang organ, the small intestine, with the season of Summer.

Summer is the hottest season of the year and in New York City it gets humid. The heart is a muscle and it pumps blood and also stores the Spirit (Shen). When the person's eyes are shining, the Chinese Medicine Doctors believe the person's spirit is healthy.

If someone does not sleep well then it is said their spirit is restless. It could be due to too much thinking, life disturbances or just a big city like New York stress.

Conditions like high blood pressure, fatigue,  heart palpitations or tachycardia can be affected by hot summer weather and in acupuncture and Chinese medicine also by kidney and liver imbalance.

As a Chinese Medicine and licensed acupuncturist in of 25 years in NYC, I try to follow the health and longevity tips of ancient acupuncture physicians and scholars.


Acupuncturists usually use points that support the heart this season. Acupuncture points of pericardium or gallbladder or even kidneys are often selected to adjust the body for the summer 

acupuncture and Chinese Medicine heart organ


It is best to exercise less on hot days as the heart has to work harder in the heat and humidity.
If you are exercising outdoors, do so before 12 and after 4 pm when it's less hot and humid


Human bodies are about 70-80% water, so we do not want to get overheated in the summer. Eat less meat, as meat and even chicken have warm properties comparing to fish and vegetables. It would be good to substitute meat for fish or try going vegetarian for the summer. 

Or at least eat less meat and more fruits and vegetables and it is much easier to do it in the summer as the body wants to reduce digestive burden.

Red foods are especially beneficial for the heart, so eat tomatoes and watermelon and so on. If you can get your hands on goji berries, those are good raw or boiled as a tea. They supplement and strengthen the heart, kidneys, and blood.

Mint or Chrysanthemum tea has cooling properties and works well for the summer too.

If you are having health symptoms that are coming up during the summer or get worse in the summer, your acupuncturist or Chinese Medicine practitioner may look into the heart meridian or energy-related system.

Enjoy the summer in good health!

Mark Moshchinsky, L.Ac (NCCAOM) Licensed Acupuncturist in NYC and the founder of Tree of Life Acupuncture clinic in NYC
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