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Covid19 (Coronavirus) Crisis and Opportunities

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There is a famous Chinese proverb:
Crisis and opportunities go hand in hand.

Covid19 - coronavirus is the crisis, but what are the opportunities?

covid19 opportunities coronavirus

The biggest opportunity that the covid19 pandemic gave all of us is the gift of time!

This health pandemic gave us the time to think of life and our mortality. 

The best way to deal with it is to do things that make you feel alive and happy!

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Your mindset is everything!  I am in the process of writing a book on the mind, timing, and cycles based on my acupuncture clinical experience and meditations. What I noticed is most people do not have the correct starting point to address their goals or issues.

Often people with chronic health issues or problems are stuck either in the past or future or in a negative mindset. Successful and productive people evaluate current (present situation and focus on a solution to the problem rather than the problem itself.

So stay focused and plan actionable solutions or steps to resolving or improving your condition, whatever it may be.

We all know we are going to die one day, but we want it to be on our own terms.  When something threatens our health or life, like coronavirus pandemic we get scared and defensive.


* Play relaxing music and watch less Covid19 news.

Physical activity can generate endorphins and dopamines happiness hormones.
Exercises can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression as well and raise your oxygen intake.

LEARN something new.  Take online classes, yoga, seminars, youtube, TED Talk, cooking. I like "Masters Class" seminars.

There is nothing like learning something new and something you like and always wanted to do. Take this opportunity to invest in yourself, something that will help you grow. 

Jogging in the park (even 30 min walk with the mask on), exercising at home, doing yoga, or even filling empty bottles with water and lifting them as dump bells will work.

Spring cleaning 
Cleaning your apartment or closets can bring a sense of comfort, relaxation and coziness.

Distance Socialize
Use technology to virtually keep in touch and compensate for social distancing using: 
Face Time on your phone or WhatsApp or Google Hangouts.

Get in touch with friends and family. Hearing and seeing someone close to you can create a sense of connection and comfort.   

Watch Movies
Netflix, AppleTV, Amazon Prime, etc. Comedies are great for mood elevation.

Help your neighbor or someone with groceries perhaps.

Eat well and sleep well. Learn to adapt and improvise.

Stay well and healthy,

Mark Moshchinsky, LAc (NCCAOM)

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