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Acupuncture for Stress. Acupressure for Stress Reduction

Reduce Stress with Acupuncture. 
Breathing for stress reduction.

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Acupuncture for stress reduction
Acupuncture can treat stress, anxiety, insomnia and even depression. So here is tip on how to do acupressure on yourself.  Nothing can ruin your day, health or Life like stress. We all know and have been there. Stress can be a single contributing factor in major emotional, mental and physical problems. Additionally it can seriously damage your health in not properly handled.

We do not always know when stress comes, but we can deal with it when it arrives. There is an acupuncture point called P6 on the acupuncture pericardium channel. It is often used for stress, insomnia and anxiety. It will not substitute a regular acupuncture cession, but it may provide a relief in stressful times. This point has a connection to the Heart, Stomach and the Liver, so pressing on it may give you some peace.

Point location: Look at inside of your palm, then about 1.5 inches above the inner crease of your wrist in the middle between 2 tendons. Press with your thumb and hold for 30 seconds with 10 seconds interval and repeat 3 times. Click here for more videos on stress reduction

Breathing for stress reduction
Best thing to do when you're stressed is to focus on the belly button area (acupuncture point called either Ren 6 or Dan Tien about 2 inches directly below your belly button and between your spine and stomach). Breath is the connection between your body and your mind. 

So by breathing into this point consciously and regulating your breath will regulate your body and your mind. You should become aware of your breath and if thoughts come to mind, you go back to breathing. Breathing should be through the nose not the mouth, comfortable and natural. The only thing that is needed is breath awareness.
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Mark Moshchinsky, L.Ac(NCCAOM)
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