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How Do You Heal a Broken Heart - NYC Acupuncture Clinic Case Study

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I recently had to treat a new patient in my acupuncture clinic in New York City.

In the past several years i had quite a few unusual clients and may be New York and Manhattan in particular with its stresses offers more unique clients.

The woman in her mid-thirties came to do PEMF Therapy (which I offer at my acupuncture clinic) originally due to pains and damage done by medications and therapies to which according to her she had an adverse reaction and suffered a great deal.

acupuncture and PEMF borken heart
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After the PEMF therapy, the woman did not get immediate results and became angry and slammed the treatment door.  After talking to her, she told me all her problems. 

The patient's mother committed suicide, her husband did not support her and her father was abusive to her and her mother in the past and even locked her up in a mental institution for making up "health problem stories". She said, she had nothing to live for and felt that her mother committed suicide cause she could not see her suffer from pains. ( I suggested, she talk to a psychologist about her concerns, but she did not seem to be open to it).

In Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine depression and sadness is associate with the Lungs, Spirit with the Heart and the willpower with the Kidneys. 

Her anger turned to sorrow and I tried to comfort her and offered complimentary acupuncture with PEMF with the focus on depression and pains.

After the acupuncture treatment with few scalp needles and the PEMF mat placed on her head to produce stronger antidepressant outcome, she looked much better and said her pains seemed much better, (acupuncture has a lot of protocols for depression and FDA cleared PEMF therapy for depression) .

I challenged her to admit that she was feeling better. She kind of did, but then went back to her "nothing to live for" mantra.   Then the look on her face changed, and at that moment I felt she was gonna say something positive or constructive.


acupuncture heals a broken heart
I answered that I liked her question and she focused on the right topic like seeing light at the end of the tunnel. But told her I did not have an answer right this moment. 

The answer came a few minutes later. I told her that no matter what happens to people, if you choose to be a SURVIVOR and NOT a victim, that is how you heal a broken heart and your life.

I was proud of my answer and hoped if God forbid I ever ended up in a hopeless situation, someone else would remind me of being a survivor.

I called and texted the woman that she was covered for acupuncture and I could help her, but she never came back even though she felt better at the end. Perhaps she needed more time to become a survivor.

Be well,
Mark Moshchinsky, L.Ac (NCCAOM)
Licensed Acupuncturist in NYC

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