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How many Needles your Acupuncturists uses for the best acupuncture treatment ?

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The best acupuncture treatment can be done with one acupuncture needle.

The Best Acupuncture Treatment in NYC

I often have new patients come to my NYC acupuncture clinic from other acupuncturist asking me to duplicate their past treatments or to do a particular acupuncture protocol they see on the internet.

If I were to give a quick answer to the question on the number of needles for the best acupuncture treatment, it would be as few as possible, if an acupuncturist can do it.

Efficiency is the mother of success.  Master Tung's acupuncture style, uses very few needles to achieve maximum concentration or Qi going to the vital organs. At one point Master Tung used only one needle to treat a complicated blockage of arteries with great results. 
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Some of the top acupuncturists use 4-6 needles per acupuncture treatment with great success, however it takes a lot of skill and experience to achieve a lot more with a lot less.

Fewer acupuncture needles means more vital energy (Qi) will be going to the acupuncture meridians addressing the patient's issue.  If you could accomplish more with less, wouldn't it be a good thing ?Same goes for acupuncture and Chinese Medicine as well as anything else in this World.

The key to using fewer acupuncture needles is to first identified a correct nature of energetic acupuncture meridian or organ imbalance and then use acupoints that have multiple applications and effects on the body.

This way one needle can treat multiple conditions at the same time. 
Acupuncture points like large

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intestine (LI4) or Stomach (St36) or Liver (Liv3) have about 3 pages worth of indications and acupuncture conditions to treat and that is one way to do a good and effective treatment.

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