Thursday, March 14, 2013

Maximize Your Work Experience.

Beat the Rat race. Use  your work time creatively and to your advantage. 
We use a good portion of our time at work, so it is only smart to customize it to your personal needs and work smarter. I used to work as an employee for a major bank, brokerage companies on Wall Street and Hospitals and Clinics as a consultant and as an employee. Now for the past 20 years, I am a small business owner in private acupuncture practice. Here are a few things that make my work experience better: 

1. Work Smarter.
Do same with less. Look at your daily routine and where the "fat" can be cut out. May be you can find a better way to do repetitive work. 
2. Relax, it is Lunch Time.
A. Use your lunch time as a little vacation between 2 halves of the day.
Eat your lunch away from your desk. It creates change of pace and reduces work fatigue. Invite a friend to get a nice conversation going. Eat in a green environment (park, waterfall, etc). Use time left from lunch to walk in a relaxed manner, unfocus your eyes and relax. 
B. Bring your own lunch, save time to go to the gym, or do 3-15 minutes in exercises or if you really have not time, here is Yogic breathing (often done by me, on daily basis) that takes as little as 1 min to do. Click this link and do #1 and/or #2 video  self_help_acupuncture_yoga

3. Enhance your work environment. Rearrange things to your individual needs (chair, computer screen, pillow for your back, track ball instead of a mouse, etc). Bring plants you like and take occasional few minutes to look at them to relax your eyes and mind.  Bring pictures of loved ones or vacation pictures to look at. Write inspirational messages that address your daily or special challenges.

Plants in my office
waiting room plants
Few plants in my apartment

*** I personally do well by exercising during lunch or when I have a window.  I also like taking a walk at the green market or nearby park on Union Square.  If I feel run down, I do acupuncture on myself, sleep with needles for 15-20 min. and get the second wind.  Most often, I do "Breath of Fire" to remove sluggishness and generate new energy. If I am upset or angry, I use "alternate nostril breathing". 

Share your experience.

Be Well
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