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It seems like an easy thing to "do no harm", especially if you think, you are a nice and conscious individual.  We know that long ago doctors were sworn by the Hippocrates oath to do no harm.  It must have meant do no physical harm for the physicians practicing medicine of those early times. I bet to this time lots of MDs think of it this way as well.  

So what happens, for example when a doctor tells his cancer patient that he/she has six months to live ?  Do they ask them to die ?  Are they just being honest by projecting their own experience and beliefs ? As a practicing acupuncturist, I often think about what I say and try to correct my wording, so my clients, especially those with hypochondriac tendencies do not get overwhelmed.  

1. Ahimsa is a Sanskrit word for non injury
 Yogis, Buddhists etc, or any one practicing this philosophy must take great care not to injure any living substance, even unknowingly. Gandhi extended ahimsa into the political sphere. Dr. Martin Luther King also practiced non violence through peaceful protests.

2. How can you hurt someone and what it really means.
It is easier to control physical actions of non injury. How about hurting someone by words or just by thinking ?
Words can hurt more than physical pain, we all had our share of pain in this area. 

In Yoga it's often said: "As you think, so you become".
So if you have angry or offensive thoughts, then you are guilty as charged. Think about it.

Conclusion:  I would personally think that verbal pain could be of greater harm or "bad karma" than physical.  And harm in a form of thought ?  How does that hurt someone ?  Well, if thought is material then you materialize your state of mind and project your state of mind onto another living, breathing organism. 

Recovery and Reversal
If you already executed an action that hurt or "spoiled the energy" between you and the other party or parties, then you can do a good deed and reverse or lessen "the damage".  Same is for negative thinking, if a bad thought has been formed, the only thing you can do is generate the opposite positive thought and minimize the physical, mental and spiritual "harm".

Let me know what you think or what your experiences have been.
Find below the link to some Yogic breathing and few Yoga postures that may help you get positive.  #1 Video, would be my first choice for negative thinking as it balances left and right hemisphere of the brain, and that is a good thing.  Share this link with someone who may need it, we all know a few people.
 Click this link and do #1 and/or #2 video  self_help_acupuncture_yoga

Share your experience.

Be Well
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