Thursday, February 26, 2015

Celebrate Life Every Day! Live to the Fullest !

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Celebrate Life Every Day! Live to the Fullest !

We are all aware when the day ends, the time we need to go to sleep or our appointment times and many other time related life events.

There is an expression we all are aware of: "DEATH AND TAXES". Every year we think of taxes, but rarely of the DEATH.

Before you decide that this is a depressing article about death, it is not. It is rather an inspiration to be aware of one's own expiration date - just like the food you need to eat or things to accomplish in a certain time frame.

We are all aware of people occasionally dying, but unless it is our family, relatives or close friends, it has little impact on most of us.

Once I came to work at the hospital I used to work at and found out that the guy i worked with every day on the higher floor died over the weekend from a heart attack. I remember on stress reduction class, he told everyone he was thinking of sex and that produced relaxation for him and that made him less stressed. Well I guess in the end it did not work that well.

I noticed I was a bit down, and was not sure why. I worked at that time with heroin addicts and HIV/AIDS patients who routinely died. And that did not affect me that much on the most part because I expected them to occasionally die due to drug life styles or diseases. At that time we did not have medicines as we have now.

I realized that over the last week I had a chest discomfort over intense arguments with the now ex-wife at the time and was thinking of death. Once I understood where it was coming from, I felt better.

Recently I learned from the Facebook that my colleague whom I saw for treatment just about 8 months ago and who had an office few blocks from mine had stage 4 Lung cancer. I was stunned, because he looked good. Few days later, I learned that he died.

Then about a week later on the dance floor, an acquaintance of mine came to me and said hello. I noticed that he was very pale and lost a lot of weight. I instinctly asked him the usual "how are you" and he said "stomach problems".  I asked him subconsciously what his diagnosis was, he said, "stomach cancer".
He told me he was optimistic about his treatment.

I remembered my friend of 220 lbs all muscles, years ago died from the same cancer type. I gave the guy my card and told him that acupuncture can reduce nausea and stress, etc. I also told him I am in a process of purchasing some European equipment that some people credit with great health benefits (Lyme, parasites, even possibly cancer cell destruction use in Europe). (Not FDA evaluated or approved statement) and we parted.

I ate 3 big oatmeal cookies and had Chinese herbs and over ate in general that day. That night I woke up with a stomach pain. First thought of the stomach cancer guy, took homeopathy and in the morning was fine.

All these made me think and reminded me how temporary we are all here. How short our lives can be and how important it is NOT to waste time. How important it is to stay focused on life goals and set daily goals. It made me more focused on my health and use tools available to me including acupuncture, herbs, yoga, meditation, relationship and friendship screening and others things for prevention, wellness and life improvements.

Nobody can predict how long one is going to live, but we all know the time will come. So I hope that this article will encourage and inspire YOU to be aware and take better care of yourself and your health, accomplish more in a shorter time. (It is not a coincidence that Steve Jobs did his best work after pancreatic cancer diagnosis. He knew his time limits and was pushed to the limits of his genius and creativity.)

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs are used in China alone or combined with other cutting age Western treatments for cancer and many other chronic ailments. Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs and Homeopathy can be used as prevention in our genetic history (parents genes, life style.) It is a lot easier to prevent diseases and health risks then wait till it happens. That is what I started doing a long time ago. In our clinic we can do treatments based on patient's  family medical history. Ask us when you visit us.

The message is Celebrate Life, Live in the Present. Practice non Attachment.
As for me, after all these I decided to go on a well deserved vacation. I will talk to you later. Stay well.

In Sickness or in Health,
Mark Moshchinsky, LAc (NCCAOM)
Licensed Acupuncturist in NYC